UCB exists to share HOPE with the nation, by spreading God’s Word far and wide. We do this through the UCB Word For Today, UCB Radio, UCB Prayerline and much more.  ​

Right now, there are so many people who are struggling…maybe even you. You may not think things will ever get better. And these situations are happening everywhere - in your family, in your church, in your street.

Together, we know that with God, there is always HOPE.  Let’s never forget that when Jesus rose again, He gave us eternal life, bringing HOPE to anyone who feels broken, challenged or desperate.

The great news is that, through your prayers and support, you are bringing this hope to thousands of people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!


Your donation today could make a life changing impact for others in the future. Please complete the form on the right​ or call 01782 911 000.  Thank you.​

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“About seven years ago, my life fell apart because I walked away from Jesus and God and I lost everything… Over the last few months I have been listening to UCB Radio…You, UCB, have given me hope through your hard work and faith and radio station that there might yet be hope for me in my salvation… I will continue to listen and support you as you have made a difference to my life.  Please keep your good work going as it helps broken men like me!... So thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me hope.”  Tim

“I have been using the UCB Word For Today for over ten years…I am happy to tell you that the UCB Word For Today has completely turned my husband around.  My stormy home of over 40 years (and at a point almost breaking into pieces) is now standing firm on the solid rock that never faileth…No matter how long the challenges of your life may be, God is still in the business of turning things around for His good and glory.”  OA

“I recently rang the Prayerline as I felt I had lost my faith.  Someone referred me to Psalm 43 and in particular verse three: 'Send forth your light and your truth let them guide me, let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.'  I also received prayer.  Since then my faith has soared.”  AK​