UCB has been given an exciting opportunity to spread God’s Word even further through our radio station, UCB 2.

‘I will give thanks to you Lord, with all my heart. I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.’ Psalm 9:1

Thank you! This summer, your generous giving means the expansion of UCB 2 is almost 65% funded. So far £32,151 has been raised towards the £50,000 needed, on top of our current running costs.

We continue to ‘give thanks’ to God that more transmitters are being gradually ‘switched on’ in areas such as Devon, Cornwall, South Wales, North East Scotland, East Anglia and Kent.

Currently, around 15% fewer homes are able to listen to UCB 2 compared to UCB 1 via digital radio, so this is such an answer to prayer.

UCB is a charity, funded entirely through the generosity of our listeners, readers and viewers. Everything we do is available free of charge, to change lives for good by the power of God’s Word.

Will you give a gift today, to help reach the target so almost 4 million more people can hear God’s Word?

Just complete the form on the right or call 0845 60 40 401. Remember, your donation will support the expansion of UCB 2, as well as UCB’s other areas of ministry.

You really will make a difference. Thank you.


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One of our listeners who has given said:

‘UCB 2 is such a blessing to me. It is such a great help and encouragement in my walk with the Lord, and even if it is only on in the background while I am doing other things, it somehow changes the atmosphere and ministers to me, even if I am not consciously aware of that happening at the time.’

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