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I See - A glimpse of the extraordinary


At the start of the New Year, are you expectant for all that God’s going to do in your life and the lives of those around you? Are you praying for transformation in your home, neighbourhood, and nation?

If we trusted everything we read in the newspapers, it would be easy to believe that our world is broken beyond repair. But here at UCB, we’re filled with hope and we’re expectant for something new that we believe God is going to do.

Back in 2016, our CEO David L’Herroux had a prophetic word from God. The word was a glimpse into an extraordinary future where God would turn people back to Himself, broken lives would be restored, the church would be strengthened, and people of every generation would know their worth and purpose.

You can be part of creating this extraordinary new world.

Together, we can share God’s Word with people across the whole nation through the UCB Word For Today, UCB Radio, and much more. Together, we can see lives changed all around us.

So, will you partner with us?


Please complete the form on the right or call 01782 911 000. Thank you.

If you are under the age of 18 UCB advises you never to give money or personal information to anybody without speaking to your parent or guardian first.

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‘Having received Word For Today for many years, it has been a comfort to me in times of trouble…rejoicing with me when I've received a blessing unexpectedly…Encouragement when needing guidance or direction…The right word always seems to come through my daily readings and Scriptures. I've shared it with many friends, family – who now receive it themselves.’ Pamela

‘On almost a daily basis I put on UCB Radio in my kitchen as I go about caring for my family's needs. For me, listening to UCB is like having a good Christian friend who encourages my faith, reminds me to turn to Jesus in all things and gives me opportunity to worship Him. It is an anchoring moment in my day, often helping me to realign my thoughts, hopes and plans according to the Bible and God's desires for me.’ Breeze

‘UCB Prayerline has been helping me for 15 years now. I live on my own...Thank you UCB for all your love and support I am still on my own but no longer afraid to go out.’ PC