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After the chaos of the last 18 months, as restrictions ease, it might leave you thinking…'What now?’

The men in Luke Chapter 5 had to persevere despite chaos, too. Carrying their paralysed friend to see Jesus, they realised that there was no way they could get through the crowd. But instead of giving up, they decided to lower their friend through the CEILING before Jesus’ feet. They just KNEW that Jesus was the only one who could help them… 

Sometimes, when the world feels out of control, all we can do is step out in faith and do whatever it takes to ‘Make room for Jesus.’ 

When you turn on UCB Radio, open the UCB Word For Today, or call UCB Prayerline, there’s space for the HOPE of God to TRANSFORM your life.

When you give to UCB, you will help so many people ‘Make room for Jesus’ wherever they are. UCB relies on the generosity of readers, listeners and viewers like you, and you’ll be part of keeping these vital ministry resources going!

We know that times are difficult in light of the pandemic, but if you’re able, will you join UCB in spreading hope right now?

Your gift to UCB today could make a life-changing impact on others in the future. Please complete the form, or call UCB’s Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000.

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£60 reaches and encourages 75 people through the UCB Word for Today


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If you set up a new Direct Debit with us, we’d love to thank you by sending you a copy of the Best of the UCB Word For Today Volume 7. This new collection contains some of the best Word For Today entries which received the greatest response from readers. You can set up a new Direct Debit by completing the form on the right. Thank you so much for supporting UCB!

*You can also choose a ‘thank you’ gift of a UCB travel mug or a journal. Please note your chosen item will be sent to you 60 days after you have set up your regular gift.

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UCB 2 is my go-to station. I am always amazed how the Lord always seems to speak through either a piece of music or Bible reading or even the presenters. Just the right word at just the right time, into the current situations.  Janice

I am a regular UCB supporter... I have been reading the Word For Today and listening to UCB Radio for many years, and I have found both very encouraging, faith-building and comforting over the years (especially during the most challenging times). I know that God speaks to people through these two channels and transforms life, which is why I want to ensure that this vital work can continue to reach even more people with the Good News of our Saviour Jesus Christ!  Claudia

Word For Today has been helpful for us but also to give to other church members and non-church members. So often the thoughts are a help and encouragement to us and an inspiration in our Christian journey. We are so thankful to you and for all you do to bring God's Word to so many people. Alan