Celebrating lives transformed



UCB exists to change lives for good by the power of God’s Word. We do this through the UCB Word For Today, UCB Radio, UCB Prayerline and much more.

God’s Word often uses fruit as a way of talking about provision and potential. When you slice an apple, it only contains a few seeds. But think about how many more apples each of those seeds could produce. That single apple and those few seeds contain immeasurable potential.

When the seeds of God’s love are sown, lives are transformed. Just like that apple, each of us can reach people with God’s word and see their lives transformed.

But to reach that potential, we need to be connected to God. John 15:5 reminds us: ‘If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.’ (NIV)

UCB exists to help you build that relationship with Him so that you can remain connected to the vine through all times and circumstances, and be fruitful for Him.

With your help, we can connect more people to God’s Word and enable them to reach their full potential so that they can also bear an abundance of fruit! Together, let’s see even more lives transformed through God’s Word.


Your gift can help us reach even more people and see even more lives transformed. Please complete the form on the right or call 01782 911 000. Thank you.

If you are under the age of 18 UCB advises you never to give money or personal information to anybody without speaking to your parent or guardian first.

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“I went to prison in 2016 and as soon as I could, I bought a simple DAB radio. Since then I have been listening to UCB 2 radio almost non-stop. It has helped so much throughout this time. I have grown to love worshiping the Lord and have eagerly listened everyday... I want to thank you all so much. I will keep supporting you when I can, for UCB is doing a fantastic job in reaching people everywhere.”  Olsi​

“After much prayer for a beloved daughter who had really bad muscle pains… caused by stress, I gave my daughter a Word For Today. Within a couple of weeks both her and her husband committed their lives to Christ. God truly answers prayer.”  Margaret​

“I live alone, have had to move to a new area and have found the UCB Prayerline a real blessing and comfort and have felt the Lord's presence through it. When you have no one to pray with it is a real source of strength in times of need. God bless all the volunteers.”  Anonymous​