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Don't look away...

In Luke 10, Jesus tells us the story of a man who was brave enough to see suffering and NOT look away. The Good Samaritan stopped on the road to help a man who had been beaten and left for dead – even when every other passerby pretended not to see him. What can we learn from this story?

We learn that God is calling each of us to look at suffering and respond with love and compassion. Because when we share the love of Jesus, others find hope, healing, and restoration. This happens every day for so many people like Gareth when they tune in to UCB Radio:

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To give today, it’s safe and simple to use the form on this page. Or you can call the UCB team on 01782 911 000 during office hours, or phone the automated giving line any time, day or night, on 01782 911 900. Thank you.

When you give regularly by Direct Debit, you help UCB to plan ahead, and when you set up a NEW Direct Debit, we'd love to send you a small gift to say 'thank you'. You can choose either a Best of the UCB Word For Today Volume 7, a UCB travel mug, or a handy journal. Or choose not to receive a gift.

To increase your Direct Debit, call UCB's Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000. Your 'thank you' gift will be sent to you 60 days after you have set up your Direct Debit.


If you are under the age of 16 UCB advises you never to give money or personal information to anybody without speaking to your parent or guardian first.

Your generosity can make an even bigger difference when you increase your current Direct Debit. To make this change, please call the UCB Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000. You’ll get a free UCB travel mug umbrella when you increase today – don’t forget to ask for this when you call!

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‘UCB 2 is my go-to station. I am always amazed how the Lord always seems to speak through either a piece of music or Bible reading or even the presenters. Just the right word at just the right time into the current situations.’ Janice


‘I am a regular UCB supporter...I have been reading the Word For Today and listening to UCB Radio for many years, and I have found both very encouraging, faith-building and comforting over the years (especially during the most challenging times). I know that God speaks to people through these two channels and transforms life, which is why I want to ensure that this vital work can continue to reach even more people with the Good News of our Saviour Jesus Christ!' Claudia


‘Word For Today has been helpful for us but also to give to other church members and non-church members. So often the thoughts are a help and encouragement to us and an inspiration in our Christian journey. We are so thankful to you and for all you do to bring God's Word to so many people.’ Alan