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UCB exists to “change lives for good by the power of God’s word”. By listening, reading, watching, praying, sharing, giving, working for or interacting in any way with UCB, we are all part of Team UCB. It is as a team that together we are seeing UCB’s mission statement brought to life, and to see this work continued each of us needs to play our part.

Through UCB Radio, TV, Word for Today and Word For You, Prayerline and all our other ministries, we reach well over 1 million people every year with God’s life-changing word.

Every person we reach is part of Team UCB – and, together, we can change more lives for good by the power of God’s word. But we need every member of Team UCB to play their part. That’s why we’re asking you to give, pray and share, and to show that “TOGETHER WE ARE TEAM UCB”.

Team UCB is about you – the impact UCB has on your life and the impact you are having on others by being part of the team. Please support us today and together let’s change lives for good by the power of God’s word.

If you already give regularly and would like to increase your gift, please call our Supporter Care team on 0845 60 40 401. Thank you.

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"I found the UCB Word For Today a tremendous help and lifeline when I was a single mum some 16 years ago... Now as a married mum of three, I always have UCB Radio on. It's company when no one else is there; it's God speaking to me in a song that everything is going to be OK.
I now, with my husband, give a monthly donation to UCB. It's only small, but I like to think if we all give a little, we can, together, carry the burden and take ownership of UCB. That being said, there was a time when I benefited so very much from it being a free gift to me."