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Isn’t it amazing how God brings us stories of hope through His Word, just when we need it?

For many of us, these past 18 months have felt like a season of drought. The lockdowns have cut us off from friends and family, and the pandemic has had a serious impact on the health and livelihoods of millions of people.

Even as everything opens up again, it can feel like some aspects of our lives may never recover.

In 1 Kings 18, we read about Elijah. His country had not had rain for more than three years. But Elijah knew that things would change. He sent his servant out – not once, not twice, but seven times – to look for rain clouds. Elijah just kept on believing!

When you switch on UCB Radio, read the UCB Word For Today, or call UCB Prayerline, God continues to bring that hope – a life-transforming ‘rain’ – today,  just when you might feel like giving up.

And by giving a gift to UCB, you’re part of sharing that hope with others, and ending seasons of drought in people’s lives!

To give a gift right now – and help so many people to see a brighter future for themselves and their families – please complete the form on the right, or call UCB’s Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000. You can also give a gift by calling UCB’s automated giving line, any time, day or night, on 01782 911 911. Thank you.


£60 reaches and encourages 75 people through the UCB Word for Today


Get the Best of the UCB Word For Today Volume 7!

If you set up a new Direct Debit with us, we’d love to thank you by sending you a copy of the Best of the UCB Word For Today Volume 7. This new collection contains some of the best Word For Today entries which received the greatest response from readers. You can set up a new Direct Debit by completing the form on the right. Thank you so much for supporting UCB!

*You can also choose a ‘thank you’ gift of a UCB travel mug or a journal. Please note, your chosen item will be sent to you 60 days after you have set up your regular gift.



If you are under the age of 18 UCB advises you never to give money or personal information to anybody without speaking to your parent or guardian first.

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UCB 2 is my go-to station. I am always amazed how the Lord always seems to speak through either a piece of music or Bible reading or even the presenters. Just the right word at just the right time, into the current situations.  Janice

I am a regular UCB supporter... I have been reading the Word For Today and listening to UCB Radio for many years, and I have found both very encouraging, faith-building and comforting over the years (especially during the most challenging times). I know that God speaks to people through these two channels and transforms life, which is why I want to ensure that this vital work can continue to reach even more people with the Good News of our Saviour Jesus Christ!  Claudia

Word For Today has been helpful for us but also to give to other church members and non-church members. So often the thoughts are a help and encouragement to us and an inspiration in our Christian journey. We are so thankful to you and for all you do to bring God's Word to so many people. Alan