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Let down your nets

Can you remember a time when you heard God’s Word, and it changed everything?

In Luke 5, we read how fisherman Simon and his friends had caught nothing all night. They must have been tired and despondent when Jesus instructed them to launch out into deeper waters and let down their nets. In that moment, everything changed! The nets filled with so many fish that they couldn’t be contained.

When we hear God’s Word, it allows Jesus to change our situation. This happens every day for so many people like Gareth when they tune into UCB Radio:

Your kickstarter gift to the UCB Radio Appeal today makes such a difference:

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To give today, it’s safe and simple to use the form on this page. Or you can call the UCB team on 01782 911 000 during office hours, or phone the automated giving line any time, day or night, on 01782 911 911. Thank you.


UCB Umbrella


When you set up a new Direct Debit, or increase your current Direct Debit during the UCB Radio Appeal, we'll send you a UCB umbrella.

You can then sing in the rain to UCB Radio all winter long!

 If you'd rather not receive this 'thank you' gift, please email after setting up your monthly gift. To increase your Direct Debit, call UCB's Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000. Your umbrella will be sent after your first payment and is available while stocks last.




If you are under the age of 16 UCB advises you never to give money or personal information to anybody without speaking to your parent or guardian first.

Your generosity can make an even bigger difference when you increase your current Direct Debit. To make this change, please call the UCB Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000. You’ll get a free UCB travel mug umbrella when you increase today – don’t forget to ask for this when you call!

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‘I am very happy to support UCB, it is a lifeline for many and I get so much from it…UCB really does get me up in the morning and…just hearing all your enthusiasm and honest thanks to people who gave is a real testimony.’ Ethel


‘Thank you for all you do in spreading the love of God as seen in the Lord Jesus. And using the power of prayer over the airwaves’ John


‘Going through a tough time in life and just so grateful to be able to be uplifted by both UCB 1 and UCB 2.’ Jo