To give today, it’s safe and simple to use the form on this page. Or you can call the UCB Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000 during opening hours, or phone the automated giving line any time, day or night, on 01782 911 911. Thank you.

When you give regularly by Direct Debit, you help UCB to plan ahead, and when you set up a NEW Direct Debit, we'd love to send you a small gift to say 'thank you'. You can choose to receive a Best of the UCB Word For Today Volume 7, a UCB travel mug, or you can choose not to receive a gift.








If you are under the age of 16 UCB advises you never to give money or personal information to anybody without speaking to your parent or guardian first.

Your generosity can make an even bigger difference when you increase your current Direct Debit. To make this change, please call the UCB Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000. You’ll get a free UCB travel mug when you increase today – don’t forget to ask for this when you call!




More about how you can support UCB

'I get a copy of Word For Today and have found on many occasions it inspires me and God speaks through it. I became a Christian earlier this year and my friend referred me to it. The readings are really relevant and encouraging and the way to start the day with the Lord.' Eileen


'Recently I was in a very dark place due to personal circumstances. Through prayer God has saved me. I started to listen to UCB 2 about 2 months ago and as I work from home. I listen to UCB every day. Thank you so much for helping me with my faith.' Anonymous


'I will always be grateful to UCB Prayerline. I was desperate. A lady answered the phone. She was very honest, made me feel valued, and she was very clear regarding the Lord. I now give to the Prayerline because it was a lifeline.' Helen