Celebrating 25 years of The UCB Word For Today



God has entrusted UCB to spread His Word to as many people as possible through the UCB Word For Today, UCB Radio and much more..

This month, we’re celebrating 25 years of the UCB Word For Today. That’s 25 years of God using this devotional to change lives for good.

From an initial print run of just 3,500 copies, we now print and post it to around 400,000 each quarter. And over 76,000 read it each day via email! Each person reached can mean a life transformed!

While it’s incredible to celebrate this achievement, the UK has a population of around 66 million people, so there is much more work to do.

Together, let’s reach more people than ever before, with the UCB Word For Today.

Let’s get more people excited about knowing Jesus for the very first time, or deepening their relationship with Him.

Through your prayer and ongoing support, you are a big part of making it possible for many more people to be reached and changed forever, by the story of the Gospel. Thank you.


To thank you for your generosity, and to celebrate 25 years of the UCB Word For Today, when we receive your generous Easter gift before 30th April*, we will send you a free commemorative first edition of the UCB Word For Today.

limited edition, commemorative 1st edition of Word For Today

* Available while stocks last. Applies only to single gifts or new Direct Debits / Standing Orders set up in April.


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Your gift today will empower and give hope to more people through the UCB Word For Today, UCB Radio and much more.


Your donation today could make a life changing impact for others in the future. Please complete the form on the right or call 01782 911 000. Thank you.


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“I was arrested last year in October and was going through immigration stress and anxiety. I was looking for something that would help me to reconnect with God; then one day I found a UCB Word For Today on the stairs. Once I read it, I felt like God was talking to me and I started getting faith…every day when I read the book it was God answering me and giving me strength. Today as I'm writing this testimony, I'm out of jail…and this is to tell everyone out there not to give up. Let's pray and have faith.”   Jonathan

“I have been a keen supporter of UCB for a number of years. Last year in June, I lost my unborn baby at 41 weeks. This happened after 2 miscarriages. I was really devastated. However God made it possible that at that period I got the UCB devotional for May to July. It was God-sent (I have not had the devotional for a number of months). It was part of the materials God used to comfort, strengthen and uphold me through His Word. Today, I am a different person. Yes, I still remember the loss but Christ has indeed borne my pain, grief and sorrows. Now I am looking forward to having more children who live and grow up to know the Lord.”   Ab

“Thank you for sending me the UCB Word For Today. I have been unwell with ME for several years and when I am feeling lost or discouraged, I find words of hope and meaning in each page. Because the words come from God it feels more powerful and helps me to move forward with each day. Thank you it is so appreciated. I look forward to finding the radio station. My health is improving, at last!”  Clare